Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the Pursuit of...

Everyone is in the pursuit of something.....

Some in the pursuit of the best business deal... for which they can go to any extent... even having meetings while in flight reaching somewhere...

Some in the pursuit of the perfect figure... for which they can actually just survive on AIR!!

Some in the pursuit of money... put this as a different category.. cause all don’t rely on working or business for money.. some also MARRY!!!

Some in the pursuit of the best holiday.. for which they can drive any travel agent / airline crazy and also dive through the ash clouds.... phew (and some read me.. just plan and talk..)

Some in the pursuit of wanting everyone to like them , want them... these can go to any extent of pain (hidden) to make it happen...

Some in the pursuit of making their sweetheart smile.. even if it is travelling 3 hours to spend 20 minutes at the station.... or in my case travel to a different country and end up getting my heart broken!!!

Well there are too many pursuits to mention... I’ll just stick to mine...

I am in the pursuit of the following,

A) The perfect weight loss plan... where I want to challenge all the professionals in the world... make me plan where I eat whatever I want in whatever amount I want... do no exercise.. and still be size 12 (zero is being too ambitious, 20 to 12 is good enough, then i will get my size in any apparel store I walk into.. What’s the big deal in making the obvious weight loss plan, eat healthy exercise and lose weight. The fun is to go crazy with food and no exercise and still lose....

B) My retirement plan.. not only financial (not that I am any closer to having one).. I am in the pursuit of an emotional and a social retirement plan, which does not include a happy ever after relationship.. I need a plan where I have people to depend on for emotional support and social support by which I mean... people to bitch too and some company, to avoid going out alone on a Saturday night!!

C) The final cure for cancer... why the hell can’t a whole bunch of doctors not find a pill with the least amount of pain and bring an end to this horrible disease...

D) The perfect way of saying what I really want to and at the right time... without wasting tones of time figuring out the right words..(And ironically I write!!!)

E) And finally figuring out what I really want???

While putting all this, I realised that my list of pursuits... will always increase and never end.. coz as time changes so do our pursuits and wants. What I wanted yesterday is different than what I want today and what I will want in future.

Sometimes being in the pursuit of various things can make one look as if he / she is not satisfied with what one has in life already.. Which is not a very good feeling to live with...

I guess having a pursuit is not the issue, the issue most of the time we attach the word PERFECT to it. Some may not attach the word “Perfect” but perceive the pursuit to be perfect... which is worst coz then there is no acceptance either.

This perception is the reason why things we already have become pursuits...
I am not saying accept sub standard stuff and not go after what you want... what I mean is ... if we are more accepting and flexible maybe then...

People wouldn’t end lives,

There wouldn’t be so many divorces and breakups,

People would find partners easily,

We might not change so many jobs,

We would not end friendships... ..

We would be just in the pursuit of making things which we already have better and stronger... or we would just let go off things which we can’t do anything about!!

So pursue whatever you want to... but before you go crazy in your pursuit... look around.... you just might find ONE around the corner and the only thing to work on then would be your PERCEPTION!!

BUT The one thing which we all need to be constantly in the pursuit of is ...LOVE... coz whatever the cynical in me says or gets sarcastic about...

Love does make my world go round.. and love can make me

Loose weight (with all the diets and exercise) just to see my lil bro smile..

Love can make me accept and let go of my hurt and make a fresh emotional start....

Love can make me fight cancer and not run away from it....

Love can make me say the words which are the most difficult to say and aceept..
“I am sorry and don’t go away from me”

And with all this love... who really wants anything else in life...


And also in the pursuit of a post that anyone who reads.... comments.......
(Now if this is not a clue.. what is?? )

Happy commenting!!!

and incase I dont comment back... I might be busy pusuing LOVE!!



  1. lollll!!!!!!!!! absolutely, completely the story of our lives ... love pursuit E.... ya i guess the pursuit of love would jus make everything fall into place ..which btw is also the most difficult to attain ..u 've penned it down and emoted right from the heart ... as of now lets start with a minisule pursuit of a small get away :):):) keep writing ........

  2. At the risk of sounding philosophical, i guess, its more like what one NEEDS and not what one WANTS. You rightly put it up by saying that one has to be flexible and open in accepting things that happen to us.

    Well, with regards to pursuit of 'LOVE', thats a energizing and soothing fuel which keeps the whole world go round and round :)

    P.S: Once you find out the dietician who helps out in fulfilling your weight reduction plan, please do share his details with the rest of the world. Finding one such person would be a miracle indeed ;D



  3. At last...I read it
    Amazing post..just like you:)
    I agree wid you that having pursuits, quests and even mere dreams is not wrong but wanting them picture perfect makes you irritable and depressed most of the time...I always believed that whatever you need in your life and work hard for it and if you don't get it, don't cry..instead of that open your heart and look around, you will see it in front of you, that what you got is what you needed right now, It's not a substitute or miracle...Its your dream, from Almighty's point of view...

    THE PURSUIT OF LOVE, is the right pursuit to have Coz' it makes us to do the most Selfless acts of our lives, It makes us more hopeful everyday, and more humble in every way.

    Happy pursuing :)

  4. Agree with Mixed Feelings, words put just right enough to make one understand what's needed in life,Live life to the & happiness is always around one just needs to feel you coz your a source of inspiration for few now which will soon multiply,appreciate you sharing your true feelings with us & please continue to do so ..i truly felt like reading it over again..don't know you in person but i'd love to see you being loved n praised for the person you are by your family, your true pals n well wishers like me.
    N ya you'd be the best hug :) so eat healthy n njy.

    Love n care!