Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes….. No….. I don’t Know!

Long long ago, there was a place called crazy land, beautiful angels lived there. These angels helped people reach their destination. They just loved and enjoyed their time in crazy land, there was just a small problem.....the angels talked too much and ate too much... every opportunity they had to eat or to talk,, they would just start, without any fear of the consequences…, which frequently landed them into trouble… Untill the day they got an ultimatum from the neighbours who lived in boringville, to shut the fuck up.. or get out of crazy land (unfortunately the way to crazy land was through boringville!!!)

The angels were heart broken... how could they even think of not talking... and one fine day they discovered these three magical words...

YES.... NO... I DONT KNOW....

If some of you are wondering what’s this all about... don’t rack your brains..... It’s only for the angels... and they are laughing right now...

Now back to what this should have originally been...

My view on Yes... No... I don’t know

It is a common know fact and a very popular saying that life is full of choices, you have options for everything.... Food, clothes, house, jobs, friends , love etc....

So I thought.. and like every normal human... I kept making these choices (few in some, many in some)...

The most obvious one being FOOD.. those who know me will know why!!

Clothes – the choice of food pretty much screwed and narrowed the choice of clothes... but occasionally I do try to Experiment and miserably fail.. those who have seen me on Saturday nights will know how!!

House: didn’t have much choice here.. now have 4... my house, mom’s house, bro’s house... and the place where I stay the most... WORKPLACE!! Which btw influences almost all the choices…

Jobs... in my case Job... let me not say much... those who know me ... will be laughing already.....

Friends – have always made the right choice and have some lovely people who I feel priveledged to call my close friends... (I think I make the best choice in friends)

But ironically the best one I had... decided to choose someone else...

Love – no problem here at all... I don’t choose... they choose me... and then misuse me (oh! Its rhymes) On a serious note..... I no more venture here!! I suck at it!!

Personally for me making a choice has always been a nightmare... however flexible and spontaneous I am.. or I believe I am... making a choice has never been easy... and the biggest reason is I hate change (I better accept this now).. and nothing wrong in that.. most people resist change and I am no different...

The difficulty is not dealing with my choice after its made (I am too stubborn and fiercely guard my choices) My major issue is to deal with the time before and during making my choice!!!

The above was the case till I discovered the 3 magic words...


If we really think about it ..... these can actually make choosing so easy... Only if we could just answer Yes / No / I don’t know.....our life would be less complicated, so simple... and we would be happy and at peace!!!

Our conscience would not prick so much as, instead of finding faults with people or giving an excuse to cheat...We could just say, “YES.... this is not working”.

We would not be addicted to substance or anything for that matter... if we had the courage to say NO!!

We wouldn’t lie or feel ashamed if we just said, “I don’t know”

These words are so simple.....yet so powerful!!!

So why can’t we muster up the courage..... and use... these 3 words.....which when added to any sentence make things so clear and easy to understand... for example...

Yes!! I love you

No! I can’t do this / can’t change for you

I don’t know .... give me sometime... or explain!!

And you don’t always have to use them in a sentence... they say a lot even when said alone...
YES !! YES!! YES!!! (Would sound so much better verbally!!!)

As for me... using these 3 words...

Helps me...
Save some money.... only the angels know how!!

Pushes me to my limits...
Yes, I will get this done.... will snap out of it!!
No, I wont give up..
I don’t know now... but will find out soon...

Lands me in Trouble
Yes you are gay
No, I am not
I don’t know how to get out of this!!

Makes me sad
Yes, I miss you
No, I will not make the first move
I don’t know why this is taking so much time!

Keeps me confused!!!
Yes, I want a partner!! (5 out of 7 days)
NO, I don’t want to get married!!
I Don’t know WHY !!!

And makes me happy!!!
Yes, I accept myself as I am
No, I won’t give up on Hope!!
I don’t know , why certain things happen to me...
But I know for sure... God will take care of me always!!

As for crazy land ... it’s still as crazy as it was... just that the angels have become wise.... and now they follow the golden rule....


Love always

Yes, people will comment
No, issues even if they didn’t
I don’t know, why I force people to comment on my post????