Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day..

So its official I am a diehard romantic, nothing but valentine’s day has made me overcome my writers block .... (and also the fact that I finally got some me time today)

Valentine’s day, will be fun this year without the stress of the Thackerays wanting to disrupt the lovers!!! And if you guys are wondering why and also not following the news... the SS must be really exhausted with all the brickbats on the MNIK issue.... and if they do something to disrupt V day then Mr. Thackeray really needs to ... GET A LIFE!!!

So what the hell is the thing with Valentine ’s Day.... some love it, some hate it and some of us (read me are actually confused???). One thing for sure........Whatever it is you JUST CANT IGNORE IT!!!

My family forces me to think of issues I rather ignore... here goes..

My nephew who is in the 1st standard by the way, asked me what am I doing on THE DAY!! And My niece who is 17 with her group of friends, asked me for some tips for Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, If you stay single long enough, you’re supposed to get wiser about love and dating... what kind of guy to pick.. where to go for a date, the right things to say etc etc. But what really made me the expert... Isn’t my single status a SIGN that I couldn’t get it RIGHT!!!

And I can’t stop thinking, that what if all these years of getting older and celebrating valentine’s day has made me more confused???

Am I getting OLDER... not WISER?? (And I mean in love)

What the hell have I been doing all these years, on Valentine’s Day, it’s quite shocking to me that, though there have been times, where I have done something nice on V day.
And now when I think of it... I can only remember the planning done prior and the cribbing done later!!!

Talk about being ungrateful.... no wonder no valentine’s day from the last 2 years and the next 100 years to come...

I guess I am still in the cynical zone...

YET.....I don’t want to lose the ability to Love!!

Anyway I feel for some people love is not enough, they need other people to acknowledge their love to feel in love... hence Valentine’s day, which had a historical significance has become such a big stress on some people... really. Everyone is talking about it / against it.. Go to a nearby archies store and you’ll find out...

Valentine’s day has become a day of Labelling... others labelling us or we labelling ourselves

SINGLE people (feeling more single than any other day... even the ones who want to mingle, hope that they had mingled with one person!!!)

New lovers (it’s my first valentine, what do I do special for him / her)

Old Lovers (I have done everything under the sun and moon, what MORE????)

Married people (expense again... Why do both of them believe in Valentine’s Day .. wife and GF)

Teens (who want all the wisdom from us)

And why is that, in this day and age .. we are willing to rewrite our destiny.... but not our own rules... When we label people as single, married, engaged, committed.... why do we forget to look past the label the person.... for who they are ???

Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be a big stress / or something we want to ignore, get cynical about... or get labelled!!!

So on this valentine.... let’s dress head to toe in LOVE... the one label which never goes out of fashion....

As for love... love is just love.. one of the basic emotions... its natural not conditional... it runs on auto pilot.. with or without Mr. Valentine in the cockpit....

As for me...

I am happy giving advice to my niece and not worrying about love....
Love will not run out ... even if I don’t have a Valentine...

Because someone once told me....