Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surprises and Shocks!!! describes surprises & shocks as follows:
Surprise – to be amazed / astonished
Shock – sudden and violent blow/impact

I know I don’t need to give you guys a vocabulary lesson, but then its been awhile I have blogged... l didn’t know how to begin 

Anyway, All of us go through these emotions ... some at frequent intervals!!!
Life is all about shocks and surprises... Most of us crib about life being monotonous and regular .. and the ones who crib the most about a regular boring life... are actually the ones who are the most annoyed, disturbed about these shocks and surprises... and I was one of these cribbers!!!

The last few years for me have been a roller coaster of S & s ... (capital S for surprises and small s for shocks, for obvious reasons)

Introspecting about my loonnggg list of surprises and shocks has led me to change my perspective about them

And here is why!!

When you are shocked that you have hit rock bottom up and surprised by the fact that now the only way out is the WAY UP!!

When you are surprised that people who you have just met... or not contacted for years... give you a pleasant surprise on your birthday and shocked that people who you know for 10 years conveniently forget!

Shocked that your close friends leave you when they find someone new and surprised that you have friends who are still waiting for you!!!

Surprised that you have such wonderful angels around you to bring you a smile on your face by a warm hug or sweet good morning.... and shocked that yet, you allow insecure cynics to screw your happiness!!!

Shocked that you face a financial crunch out of nowhere and surprised that you have some savings which you didn’t remember!!! Or some honest person.. who still remembers that he / she owes you money!!

Surprised that you meet someone after so many years and start from where you have left, and shocked that you start all over again with someone who is with you every day!!

Shocked that how selfishly you break the bond with your family and surprised that how easy it is to form that bond again and even STRONGER!!

Surprised that it takes a few moments for someone to want to be with you forever and shocked that some who knows you for years doesn’t want to be with you at all.

Shocked that you are unable to create that special bond with the one person, you wanted to spend your entire life with..... and surprised that you have made so many special bonds with so many lovely people!!

Surprised that your kids can handle life so beautifully and shocked that you still need a lot of advice in handling yours!!!

Shocked that at the age of 35 you still have boyfriend issues and surprised that you still manage to find a boyfriend at the age of 35!!!

Surprised that you have been offered to co -author a book because of the rambling you do on your blog and shocked that in spite of literally begging people, they don’t comment on you post.

Shocked that with all the failures and life‘s fuck ups you have lost confidence in yourself and surprised that so many people take their life’s major decisions because they have confidence in you!!!

And finally

Shocked that you have done whatever you could do to make things fine for you and surprised that when you are just about to give up, god steps in and does what you can’t!!

So, my discovery about the S& s phenomena is that they are two sides of the same coin... with every shock... there is a little surprise packed in.... what we need is just a little change in perspective, a bit of introspection and in some cases a little SENSE OF HUMOUR!!!

Because you can be surprised that life is a box of chocolates and shocked that you have DIABETES... but, if you drop the cynicism ... you will BE SURPRISED to discover... the yummiest SUGAR FREE CHOCALATE CHIP COOKIES!!!

Wish you all a life of shocks with pleasant surprises all around them!!

God bless!!
Feel free to add your list of S & s

P.S - next blogpost coming up soon....